Prostitution Is Not Just Another Job

It’s time we stopped justifying the exploitation and abuse of those with the fewest options under the guise of choice.

Commercialized Sexual Assault of Children (AKA prostitution of children)

There are no reliable data on the prevalence of sexual assault of children in prostitution, also known as CSEC, also known as trafficking of children.  Stransky and Finkelhor conclude that while there have been many estimates of these numbers, none are based on sound research.  For a brief description of the research dilemma in the […]

Frequently-Asked Questions about Prostitution

S.M. Berg has published responses to frequently-asked questions about prostitution. For example: Isn’t prostitution a choice? Don’t a lot of women enjoy it? Porn and stripping aren’t prostitution, right? Aren’t you making personal moral judgments? Don’t some people need sex but can’t get it any other way? Isn’t it better to get a lot of […]

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