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Help Wanted: Women and Girls, Do You Want This Job?

Biting satire by survivors of prostitution: a help wanted ad for the “job” of prostitution.

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Prostitution has been euphemized as an occupational alternative for women, as an answer to low-­‐paying, low skilled, boring dead-­‐end jobs, as a solution to the high unemployment rate of poor women, as a form of sexual liberation, and a career women freely choose.

Are you tired of mindless, low skilled, low-­‐paying jobs? Would you like a career with flexible hours? Working with people? Offering a professional service?

  • No experience required. No high school diploma needed. No minimum age requirement. On-­‐the-­‐job training provided.
  • Special opportunities for poor women -­‐-­‐single mothers -­‐-­‐women of color.

Women and girls applying for this position will provide the following services:

  • Being penetrated orally, anally, and vaginally with penises, fingers, fists, and objects, including but not limited to, bottles, brushes, dildoes, guns and/or animals;
  • Being bound and gagged, tied with ropes and/or chaains, burned withcigarettes, or hung from beams or trees;
  • Being photographed or filmed performing these acts.


Job-­‐related activities will be performed in the following locations: in an apartment, a hotel, a “massage parlor,” car, doorway, hallway, street, executive suite, fraternity house, convention, bar, public toilet, public park, alleyway, military base, on a stage, in a glass booth.


Wages will be negotiated at each and every transaction. Payment will be delivered when client determines when and if services have been rendered to his satisfaction.Corporate management fees range from 40-­‐60% of wages; private manager reserves the right to impound all monies earned.


Benefits will be provided at the discretion of management.


  • Nonpayment for services rendered;
  • Sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy;
  • Injuries sustained through performance of services including but not limited to cuts, bruises,lacerations, internal hemorrhaging, broken bones, suffocation, mutilation, disfigurement, dismemberment, and death.

Note: Accusations of rape will be treated as a breach of contract by employee.

Name of applicant: ________________________________

Signature of manager on behalf of applicant: _____________________________________

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