What’s up with Amnesty International, a once-reputable human rights organization?


While the European Union is moving in the direction of decriminalizing women in prostitution and providing them with exit support services and arresting sex buyers and pimps at the same time Amnesty International seems to be going in the opposite direction. What’s up with this once-reputable human rights organization? Do women’s rights to survive without prostituting matter to AI? Time to do their research – in a 2013 study of prostitution in 150 countries, wherever prostitution was legal, trafficking increased.

Robin Morgan asks:  Does Amnesty International want legal prostitution?


The European parliament has voted in favour of new prostitution laws that criminalize the sex buyerand seller but not the prostituted person


The vote passed Feb 26, 2014 with a large majority of 343 to 139. Mary Honeyball, the Labour MEP for London who put forward the resolution, said it would target “men who treat women’s bodies as a commodity without criminalising women who are driven into sex work”. Read a letter of support for Honeyball’s resolution signed by more than 70 researchers and academics. France, Ireland and Canada are considering implementation of the Swedish law on prostitution which criminalizes sex buyers, decriminalizes the woman or man selling sex in prostitution, and provides funding for exit support services.

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