Will Amnesty International Betray
Women’s Human Rights?

To Amnesty International supporters, members and donors: please tell Amnesty International that if they promote decriminalization of pimps and sex buyers, they will be promoting sexual abuse and abdicating the human rights of poor and ethnically marginalized women and girls. Let AI know that you will not support them politically or financially if they promote such a vicious policy.

Amnesty protects pimps and johns

Amnesty International started out as an organization aligned with vulnerable people who had few rights, including victims of torture. What about paid rape (how those in prostitution describe it) in the context of desperate hunger, racism and sexism? Amnesty fails to understand that prostitution is tantamount to torture – the same acts described as torture at Abu Ghraib are considered sexual entertainment in prostitution and in torture pornography sex industry sites such as kink.com in which prostituted women are being violated. Yet Amnesty is supporting the rights of men to access sex acts from vulnerable human beings.

Amnesty’s process has been undemocratic and corrupt. They secretly consulted with sex industry advocates including a well known pimp, to produce its policy. It failed to hold open meetings with all chapters to discuss prostitution policy options. Amnesty has included flawed and biased research in its internal proposals to decriminalize the sex industrialists. Amnesty pretends to be motivated by concern for people who are prostituted but did not even mention the Nordic model, which decriminalizes those in prostitution, offering them exit services, while criminalizing those who exploit them and profit sexually and financially from their exploitation: pimps, traffickers, and sex buyers.

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