Fracking and Trafficking

Petroleum pump

Resource extraction is usually accompanied by prostitution and trafficking. The ecosystem destruction caused by fracking to access oil and gas is paralleled by the quieter destruction of trafficked women who service the frackers. Sexual Violence has dramatically increased in the Bakken region of Montana and North Dakota since the flood of pipeline workers have moved into the ‘man camps,’ military barracks-style housing. Read more.


What’s up with Amnesty International, a once-reputable human rights organization?


While the European Union is moving in the direction of decriminalizing women in prostitution and providing them with exit support services and arresting sex buyers and pimps at the same time Amnesty International seems to be going in the opposite direction. What’s up with this once-reputable human rights organization? Do women’s rights to survive without prostituting matter to AI? Time to do their research – in a 2013 study of prostitution in 150 countries, wherever prostitution was legal, trafficking increased.

Robin Morgan asks:  Does Amnesty International want legal prostitution?