350 Survivors of Prostitution

Oppose Full Decriminalization

in Letter to 2020 Presidential Candidates

Survivors of prostitution from 8 countries

 lead demonstration against legal prostitution in Mainz, Germany

Germany, Australia, Canada, France, Republic of Ireland, South Africa, Spain, USA

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A Survivor’s Notes on a Brothel Tour in Frankfurt’s Legal Prostitution Zone

Report on the Impact of the Explosive Growth of German Legal Prostitution since 2002

Murders/Attempted Murders of Women in German Prostitution since Legalization in 2002

Bettina Flitner photographs of German freiern (johns)

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We object to transmisogynists’  harassment of and de-funding of Vancouver Rape Relief because of their women only policy.

We encourage readers of the PRE website to support Vancouver Rape Relief

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