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Alika Kinan
“Los hombres tienen que tomar conciencia de que no se puede pagar por violar.”
“Men have to be aware that they can not pay to rape”

Alika Kinan

Transcripción de la entrevista a Alika Kinan en Español >

The Punter: Why Men Visit Prostitutes and What the Men Think About the Prostitute

Huschke Mau / September 9, 2016 /

Next to my writing desk sits a box where I collect bad memories. Every time I have flashbacks, or “intrusive thoughts,” I write them down as quickly as I can on a piece of paper, throw the paper into the box, and shut the lid. The box is quite full. Today I pulled out some of the notes from my box, because I wanted to write about punters. Read Full Article >

Photograph by Bettina Flitner from her 2017 Collection The Problem: Johns and Prostitutes 18+

Trafficking of Ukrainian Women – Donna Hughes Comments On Her 2001 Research

“Although this study was conducted a number of years ago, the same criminal dynamics operate to entrap women and girls (and sometimes boys) in sexual exploitation. I visited Ukraine a number of times to do this research. I visited many of the cities that are now being shelled. I walked through the famous squares and passed many of the buildings. My heart breaks every day as I see the destruction. I see so many women and children fleeing on their own or in small family groups, which makes them so vulnerable to pimps. I hope the Ukrainians and their allies can quickly bring this war to an end. Everyone should have freedom and security.”
Donna Hughes, Ph.D., March 11, 2022