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Woman exchanges sex acts for food June 2009

This story was all over the U.S. press in late June. No one seems to be noting what is obvious.

MAYBE SHE WAS HUNGRY. Why was her name and photo released but her john stays invisible? Why was she fined but the john was not fined? Has anyone noticed that she is one of the people who are most hard-hit by the triple whammy of sex, race, and class in the sex industry? Where are the social justice activists who could speak out in support of her? There’s a deafening silence out there.

Woman pleads no contest in chips-for-sex case

Wednesday, June 24, 2009 (Associated Press)

A woman has been fined $1,142 after pleading no contest to prostitution charges after she was accused of accepting a box of chips for sex. Police said they arrested 36-year-old Lahoma Sue Smith in southeast Oklahoma City after finding her in her car with a man who told officers he knew he could find a prostitute in the area.

Smith told officers the man said he didn’t have any money so she agreed to accept a $30 case of chips as payment.

The man was not charged and his name hasn’t been released.

Information from: The Oklahoman,
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