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Video: Men Can Act to End Men’s Violence Against Women

(Prostitution is One Form of Violence Against Women) Feminist activist Jackson Katz here focuses on men’s role in ending violence against women. Katz emphasizes the importance of bystander involvement in ending male violence, encouraging men to stand up and speak out against sexist attitudes and behaviors that reinforce the dominance of men over women.

Video: Online Attacks Against Opposition to Sexism and Sexual Exploitation

This 10-minute video describes Anita Sarkeesian’s experience with cybermobbing – a massive online hate campaign. She was targeted by large numbers of anonymous online attackers who – describing themselves as game players – tried to get her to stop her campaign to deconstruct sexism in the video game industry by threats, by producing pornography of […]

Ridiculing victims of trafficking

“The daily comics are not known to be bastions of feminist thought but a strip in the San Francisco Chronicle on Saturday September 29, 2012 was particularly egregious. I speak of Tundra by Chad Carpenter which had a picture of a bride skeleton coming out of a parcel post box. The caption reads: “Regardless of […]

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The John Next Door

The men who buy sex are your neighbors and colleagues. A new study reveals how the burgeoning demand for porn and prostitutes is warping personal relationships and endangering women and girls. Men of all ages, races, religions, and backgrounds do it. Rich men do it, and poor men do it, in forms so varied and […]

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Boycott of “Pimp ‘n ‘Ho Rave” in Vancouver

Raves which trivialize prostitution as “pimp ‘n ‘ho night – sexual attire desired” – are teaching men to sell, abuse and rape women (which is what pimps do) and they are teaching young women that it is fun to be sexually exploited. People from around the world joined together to boycott one such event. Click […]

Superbowl Anti-Trafficking Campaign

Dear Super Bowl Host Committee & National Football League, My name is A.H. and I’m a survivor of sex trafficking. I’m not a big football fan, but I’ll never forget my first trip to Dallas/Fort Worth several years ago. It was 2006 when I was dragged there against my will by a pimp. I was […]

King of the Creeps: Hugh Hefner

“To make a documentary about Hugh Hefner–indisputably the world’s most famous pornographer and unrepentant chauvinist–and omit his enormously influential role in negatively shaping ideas about female sexuality is sophistry. Berman’s documentary is an attempt to “get beyond the bunny,” but there is no getting beyond the bunny because the bunny made the man. Hefner’s success […]

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Sexpo and the Death of Sex

The space was filled with pumping, grinding, crotch grabbing and female porn stars ‘presenting’, as they say in baboon studies. Cosmetically enhanced bodies waxed to within an inch of their lives, a landfill’s worth of plastic toys, dildos, whirling vibrators, penis rings and fake vaginas.Billed as the world’s biggest health, sexuality and lifestyle exhibition, Sexpo […]

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Washington Post Rejects Massage Prostitution Advertising

As of September 29, 2010 the Washington Post newspaper, following a national trend to stop advertising prostitution – is now rejecting advertising that previously ran in the Post as “massage.” In a blog last year, the Polaris Project, which combats international trafficking in women, wrote: “Ever wonder where traffickers advertise their victims? Turns out it’s […]

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PRE Congratulates the Center for Young Women’s Development

RE congratulates the Center for Young Women’s Development, San Francisco, for their principled and courageous refusal to accept $100,000 of blood money from Craigslist. A San Francisco non-profit that helps previously incarcerated women burned a $100,000 check from Craigslist this week in a ritual ceremony, saying accepting the money would be profiting “from a place […]

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Craigslist Facts

My first introduction to prostitution was arranged through Craigslist. I answered an ad for online modeling which turned out to be an agency recruiting for “escorts”. Escort is a word they use instead of prostitute. First model, then escort and eventually prostitute. After I was eased into prostitution, many of the pimps, massage parlor owners […]

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Japanese Videogames Promote Violence Against Women


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Happy Hooker Revisited

Xaviera Hollander, who wrote the Happy Hooker in the 1970’s, glamorized prostitution as empowerment for women. Few know that Hollander was a Holocaust survivor. Playwright and author Carolyn Gage analyzes Hollander’s advocacy of prostitution and her pimping in the context of her earlier traumatic life. Gage notes that the sexualized behavior of Hollander, Marilyn Monroe, […]

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Nevada Legal Pimp Dennis Hof Podcast Highlights

Dennis Hof is a legal pimp in a Nevada brothel. He advertises his brothel on an HBO pseudo-documentary series with the full support and collaboration of HBO. Cathouse serves as propaganda for the sex industry while denying and concealing the harms to both prostituted women and society at large. Download excerpts of a Howard Stern […]

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X underrated

Prostitution, pornography, and sex trafficking aren’t separable in the real world. In this piece for the Times Educational Supplement in 2005, Catharine MacKinnon focuses on the experience of the woman who’s being prostituted and photographed.

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Prostitution, Violence, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Most discussions of the public health risks of prostitution have focused on sexually-transmitted disease. A recent editorial in a major medical journal acknowledged the danger of violence to those prostituted, yet concluded that the overall health risks of street prostitution were minimal. In this paper, we discuss a study of the childhood violence, and violence […]

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Prostitution and Male Supremacy

“Prostitution is in and of itself an abuse of a woman’s body.” “In prostitution, no woman stays whole.” Discussion of the incest that precedes prostitution, her homelessness, her namelessness, and the dominance and cruelty of men toward women in prostitution. Andrea Dworkin, Prostitution and Male Supremacy, 1 Mich. J. Gender & L. 1 (1993). Available […]

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