Video: Men Can Act to End Men’s Violence Against Women

(Prostitution is One Form of Violence Against Women) Feminist activist Jackson Katz here focuses on men’s role in ending violence against women. Katz emphasizes the importance of bystander involvement in ending male violence, encouraging men to stand up and speak out against sexist attitudes and behaviors that reinforce the dominance of men over women.

Video: Online Attacks Against Opposition to Sexism and Sexual Exploitation

This 10-minute video describes Anita Sarkeesian’s experience with cybermobbing – a massive online hate campaign. She was targeted by large numbers of anonymous online attackers who – describing themselves as game players – tried to get her to stop her campaign to deconstruct sexism in the video game industry by threats, by producing pornography of […]

City Targets Sex Buyers with Letter Writing Campaign

Part of a comprehensive approach to end human trafficking and prostitution is through the provision of services to women and children being exploited by the industry and to crack down on sex buyers–the johns who create the demand for commercial sex. Without the demand, there is no need for the supply. The Oakland local community […]

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Protest with CATW and PRE, New York

These prostitution ads in Houston and Las Vegas were located on June 15, 2012. Although they appear to be written by the women, most often they are written and posted by pimps or traffickers. These advertisements facilitate the trafficking of women into massage brothels, strip clubs prostitution, and escort prostitution. Most women want […]

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Campaign to Raise Awareness of Prostitution’s Harms

Copyright © 2012 Ruhama. All rights reserved. Ruhama, a Dublin-based NGO, is running a radio and poster campaign to raise awareness about the harms to women in prostitution. The image represents women, who may be any age, ethnicity or nationality, whose worth is being reduced to their commercialization for sex. It is designed to contradict […]

Hotels Fight Sex Trade

Some years ago, End Child Prostitution and Trafficking (ECPAT), an international and domestic NGO that opposes the trafficking of children for commercial sex, initiated an anti-trafficking ethical code of conduct for hotels. St Louis event planner Kimberly Ritter is now using ECPAT’s work as a basis for her anti-trafficking activism in St. Louis. Ritter looks […]

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Protest Against Village Voice Media in New York, November 16, 2011

The Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW) in partnership with Prostitution Research and Education (PRE) held a successful protest in front of the Village Voice building in New York City last Wednesday, November 16. The protest held at the New York City office of (owned by Village Voice Media) brought attention to Backpage’s facilitation of and […]

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Boycott of “Pimp ‘n ‘Ho Rave” in Vancouver

Raves which trivialize prostitution as “pimp ‘n ‘ho night – sexual attire desired” – are teaching men to sell, abuse and rape women (which is what pimps do) and they are teaching young women that it is fun to be sexually exploited. People from around the world joined together to boycott one such event. Click […]

Demand Change Project of Breaking Free, St. Paul Minnesota, May 13, 2011

Breaking Free, a leading anti-human trafficking advocacy organization and Men Against Trafficking of Others hosted the Demand Change Project in St Paul Minnesota on May 13-14, 2011. Pioneer Press writer Ruben Rosario wrote that Breaking Free examines prostitution as a slave-based system of sexual exploitation. The program is a by-product of a gradual law enforcement […]

Statement of Asia-Pacific Meeting of Sex Trafficking and Prostitution Survivors

“We unite with our sisters in the feminist movement and the labor movement who call for real jobs, not prostitution; for economic programs that create local, sustainable employment, and not push women out of the country; for the socialization of the care economy while recognizing that domestic work is work; for greater budget for women […]

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Turn off the Red Light Campaign in Ireland

We know full well the pain of children whose lives were blighted by sexual abuse. Physical abuse hurts, but the abuse of another’s sexuality impacts even more deeply on the personality. Our sexuality is deeply personal; when it is broken into it can destroy a person’s entire sense of worth. It’s time for us to […]

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Superbowl Anti-Trafficking Campaign

Dear Super Bowl Host Committee & National Football League, My name is A.H. and I’m a survivor of sex trafficking. I’m not a big football fan, but I’ll never forget my first trip to Dallas/Fort Worth several years ago. It was 2006 when I was dragged there against my will by a pimp. I was […]

Best Practices for Online Classified Advertising without Sexual Exploitation

On the heels of the closure of Craigslist’s online trafficking – er, “adult services” – section of its classified ads, Fair Fund has released a Best Practices Guide that will be of interest to all those who want to stop online trafficking of women and children into prostitution.

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Women for Sale Campaign in Israel

An innovative and powerful campaign to support legislation that would criminalize buying sex in Israel.

Washington Post Rejects Massage Prostitution Advertising

As of September 29, 2010 the Washington Post newspaper, following a national trend to stop advertising prostitution – is now rejecting advertising that previously ran in the Post as “massage.” In a blog last year, the Polaris Project, which combats international trafficking in women, wrote: “Ever wonder where traffickers advertise their victims? Turns out it’s […]

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PRE Congratulates the Center for Young Women’s Development

RE congratulates the Center for Young Women’s Development, San Francisco, for their principled and courageous refusal to accept $100,000 of blood money from Craigslist. A San Francisco non-profit that helps previously incarcerated women burned a $100,000 check from Craigslist this week in a ritual ceremony, saying accepting the money would be profiting “from a place […]

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Protest on Craiglist Doorsteps in San Francisco to End “Adult Services” Section

On July 8, 2010, the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW), Prostitution Research and Education (PRE) plus more than 75 Co-Sponsors including Innocents at Risk, protested Craigslist’s “Adult Services Section” at the company’s headquarters in San Francisco, California. “When we arrived, Craigslist was literally whitewashing their cyber trafficking by painting over their corporate logo. The […]

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Filipinos Protest Craigslist for Adult Services

SAN FRANCISCO – Filipino community leaders joined dozens of people who protested in front of the Craigslist headquarters, calling on the popular website to close its “Adult Services” section and set a sex industry-free standard which would eliminate human trafficking on the Internet. The Coalition Against Trafficking in Women, Prostitution Research and Education and over […]

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Protest at Craigslist San Francisco Headquarters

The Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW) in partnership with Prostitution Research and Education (PRE) and other co-sponsors held a protest in front of Craigslist Headquarters in San Francisco on July 8th to bring attention to Craigslist’s facilitation of and profiting from sex trafficking. “Craigslist continues to cynically profit by functioning as an online pimp,” says Norma […]

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Update on Lydia Cacho, Mexican Feminist

ANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP) – A Mexican journalist who was arrested and threatened with rape after exposing a child prostitution ring in Cancun involving prominent business figures is speaking at the University of Michigan. Lydia Cacho is to receive the Wallenberg Medal at 7:30 p.m. Thursday at Rackham Auditorium, then deliver the annual Wallenberg Lecture. […]

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Japanese Videogames Promote Violence Against Women


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Trafficking by Craigslist Challenged by Cook County Sheriff and CATW

Amicus brief filed by Coalition Against Trafficking in Women and colleagues against Craigslist, citing simple legal arguments showing the connection between online advertising for prostitution and sex trafficking.

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Norma Hotaling

Norma Hotaling, founder and Executive Director of the SAGE Project in San Francisco died on December 16, 2008 following a short illness. Norma Hotaling transformed her own experiences in prostitution into a mission of social justice for her sisters and brothers who had also been trafficked and exploited in prostitution. As a direct result of […]

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No Decriminalization of Traffickers –

PRE has documented the harms of decriminalized prostitution on this website for many years. Now, San Francisco voters face a real risk of across-the-board decriminalization of the sex industry. Melissa Farley recently wrote this op-ed piece (October 17, 2008)

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Decriminalization of Prostitution Defeated in San Francisco

On the same wonderful evening that Barack Obama was voted in as our next president, Proposition K which would have decriminalized prostitution in San Francisco, was defeated. A strong majority (59%) of the people of San Francisco voted against decriminalized prostitution. In August 2008, President-elect Obama spoke out against prostitution and trafficking as human rights […]

Is Paying for Sex Really Worth It? No, Prostitution Exploits Many Women’s Deep Pain

Myers-Powell writes about her personal experience with prostitution relating it to the exploitation and deep pain that prostitution causes. Myers-Powell is a survivor of prostitution who is the co-founder of Dream Catcher, a program designed to divert at-risk teens before they become prostitutes. She is a motivational speaker and a founding board member of the […]

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PRE Supports Federal Legal Response to Domestic as Well as International Trafficking Victims

The United States government cannot reduce international trafficking without also combating trafficking inside our own borders. The US House of Representatives in 2007 overwhelmingly passed HR 3887, the Wilberforce Act which would expand the provisions of the original Trafficking Victims Protection Act (2000) to include domestic trafficking victims as well. Since most of those trafficked […]

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Aboriginal Women’s Statement on Legal Prostitution, Canada

As Aboriginal women on occupied Coast Salish Territory, we, the Aboriginal Women’s Action Network (AWAN) implore you to pay attention to the voices of Aboriginal women and women’s groups who are speaking out in the interest of our sisters, our daughters, our friends and all women whose voices have not been heard in the recent […]

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Ex-Prostitutes Against Legislated Sexual Servitude

Contact: A statement by members of Ex-Prostitutes Against Legislated Sexual Servitude. Includes a version of the statement in French. “We are women who have been harmed by prostitution. We believe that no amount of changing the conditions or the locations in which we were prostituted could ever have significantly reduced that harm. We experience the […]

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One Man in Eight Has Bought Sex

In 1999, Sweden passed legislation that criminalized the purchase of sexual services, which in essence decriminalized prostituted persons and placed penalties only on the buyers, traffickers and pimps. The principle behind the law was that prostitution was to be regarded as violence against the (primarily) women and children and as harmful both to the persons […]