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This is woke imperialism and this harms women

From Melissa Farley February 13, 2023

Chris Hedges wrote a valuable article about woke imperialism with respect to race and class But he didn’t address woke imperialism with respect to sex-self-identity or the ‘trans’ political movement.

This is woke imperialism:
1.The allegation that we are rude, violent, or transphobic when we ask for definitions of ‘gender’ and ‘sex.’ In reality, ‘sex’ is the biological reality of xx or xy chromosomes in every cell in human bodies. ‘Gender’ consists of psychological, behavioral, and cultural aspects of being masculine or feminine.

2.The response that we should shut up and get out when we demand the right to discuss, question, and debate woke and antiscientific beliefs such as “transwomen are women.”

3.The proposition that women are being silly or bigoted when we say we are endangered by men as a sex class, including on those occasions when men say they are women

4.The accusation that we are being transphobic or bigoted when we fight against attempts to deny the rights of women as a sex-based class.
In Wyoming, there is an excellent law that protects women immigrants by prohibiting female genital mutilation (FGM). The attempt by sex-self-ID activists to overthrow that law because it interfered with some men’s perceived right to mutilate their own genitals in the interest of “becoming female” – was a direct threat to a law protecting women. practice-of-female-genital-mutilation/

5.The accusation that we’re transphobic when we analyze gender identity policy gaslighting. The tautological slogan “transwomen are women” is an example of gaslighting. In an example of gender identity policy gaslighting, police in Scotland were instructed to log rapes as being perpetrated by a woman if the accused person insists he is a woman. In other words, if a sex offender with a penis says he is a woman, and if he is placed in a women’s jail, and if he rapes a woman in the jail, then the rape is logged as having been committed by a woman. In this way, the crime of rape is socially and statistically disappeared via record-keeping gaslighting. The result is that data about rape, a critical indicator of male violence against women, is fatally weakened. s6576v825

6. The charge that we’re transphobic when we say that men should not compete in women’s sports because women’s sports exist in order to provide women with a place to compete fairly. controversy/

7. The insistence that we ignore malpractice by therapists and medical doctors who prescribe experimental drugs like puberty blockers to children and estrogen to men and testosterone to women. The pressure to ignore surgeons who cut off breasts and mutilate genitals.
Trans: when ideology meets reality. Helen Joyce. 2022

8. The export and propagandizing of these woke beliefs about sex-self-ID by the United States to other countries. administration-advances-equality-and-visibility-for-transgender-americans/ 

This transactivist woke imperialism has been quickly and effectively integrated into the belief systems of the other woke imperialists that Chris Hedges writes about. Many people fail to speak out because they are fearful of defunding, being fired, social media harassment, physical attacks. clinic-says-he-feels-vindicated/

Who will say HEY! the emperor has no clothes? Stop endangering and harming women. Don’t prioritize the feelings of men over the human rights of women.

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