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This is what a pimp looks like

James Lipton“I was a good pimp” says James Lipton. Read more here.

Don’t buy into racist stereotypes about pimps. There is a class and race hierarchy among pimps just as there is a class and race hierarchy among prostituted women. Poor men of color are at the bottom of the hierarchy.  Richer white men are at the top. Are there “good pimps?”  No – just as there are no “good traffickers” or “good slavetraders.”  Even if he uses mental instead of physical coercion, a pimp is a pimp is a pimp is a pimp is a pimp…..

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  1. The light touch on the topic of being a pimp has a tone of being a serious matter. He admits to being a “good pimp” yet acknowledges that a pimp is in the same category of a slave trader. From my perspective he was able to make a decent living off the earnings of prostitutes and insinuating at any cost to women.

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