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Study Looks at Men’s Attitudes Toward Buying Sex

A new study takes a rare look at the men who buy sex, rather than the women they hire.

Newsweek’s special report, “The John Next Door,” reveals that men who buy sex show more violence toward women.

Women have long been the face of prostitution, out on the streets looking for fast money to feed addiction and pay the bills.

Ordinary johns,your neighbors, friends, husbands and co-­‐workers are rarely exposed until now.

“My favorite one was a Navy Seal. When he came to shore he would spend so much money, and I’d stay locked up in his apartment for 5 or 6 days at a time,” said Carment Camacho, a former prostitute.

The study done by Prostitution Education and Research, a nonprofit organization based in San Francisco, took a look at the attitudes of men who bought sex compared with those who didn’t.

In the study, sex buyers included those who use pornography or go to strip clubs. So few studies have been done on the “johns”. Experts estimate anywhere from 16 to 80 percent of the male population buys sex.

“This society has a lot of stress, a lot of secrets,” said Kathryn Griffin, a reformed prostitute.

The study can be summed up like this:

Researchers interviewed 202 men between the ages of 20 and 75 with an average age of 41.

Half of the men bought sex, explaining, “You can have a good time with the servitude.”

The other half, who didnot, say, “You’re supporting a system of degradation.”

Fox 26: “What was the attitude of men who bought sex from you?”

“Some was kind, some just wanted to do business only and some was violent,” said Tiffany Paschal, a reformed prostitute.

During interviews the sex buyers were eight times as likely as non buyers to say they’d rape a woman if they could get away with it. They also saw the sex as consensual.

Fox 26: “Did you feel the sex was consensual or did you feel exploited?”

“I felt like I was exploiting myself because I would do it with my eyes closed and I hated it,” said Camacho.

The findings indicate the use of prostitution and porn overtime shaped men’s sexual preferences, causing them to be more aggressive.

“A lot of these johns , the ones that have an abundance of wealth tend to feel they can have whatever they want and money can buy anything,” said Griffin.

Nearly 100 percent of the men interviewed said minors are always available for purchase. There is help. Anti-­‐sex trafficking efforts have grown in popularity. Griffin now rehabilitates women through her non profit, “We’ve Been There, Done That.”

“I would love to see john rehabilitation. Almost all of the women who end up in the sex industry were looking for someone to love them, but the johns were looking for someone to love the