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Ridiculing Trafficking Victims

Judith Mirkinson
Judith Mirkinson

“The daily comics are not known to be bastions of feminist thought but a strip in the San Francisco Chronicle on Saturday September 29, 2012 was particularly egregious. I speak of Tundra by Chad Carpenter which had a picture of a bride skeleton coming out of a parcel post box. The caption reads: “Regardless of the increased postage, George decides to have his next mail- order bride delivered priority.” Is a picture of a dead woman, mailed in a box, supposed to be funny? It is not. As women’s rights advocates know the trade in women is not a joke. It is a huge business based on misogyny, racism and poverty. In fact many so-called mail-order wives actually do come home in a box – a coffin and/or live their lives in servitude to the men who buy them.”
“To make light of the sales and deaths of women is not funny or amusing.”

Judith Mirkinson, San Francisco CA, USA

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