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Prostitution Robots or Sex Dolls?

A sex buyer in a research study explained that the woman in prostitution is “just a biological object…that charges for services” Sex buyers define women as things. He tells us that the woman in prostitution is not human. But for some dissatisfied sex buyers, women in prostitution are not sufficiently compliant or object-like. David Levy says that what men like about robots as opposed to prostituting women is “anonymity, brevity and the lack of emotional involvement.” Teaching men to have sex with robots makes empathy unnecessary. Research shows that sex buyers already have less empathy than non-sex- buyers. Sounds like they need more not less empathy. These I-like-rape-robots are what sex buyers want: a compliant thing that can be penetrated in any orifice and smile. See Sex Robot Matters: Slavery the Prostituted, and the Rights of Machines. As robot ethicist Kathleen Richardson has noted, “Philosophies which advocate the breakdown of distinctions between persons and things are revised versions of arguments for slavery”.

In case the violent misogyny being taught to men by the use of these robots isn’t sufficiently clear, consider what has just arrived in the marketplace: I-like-rape-robots with a “frigid” setting.

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