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Prostitution is created and supported by a culture of men’s perceived entitlement to sex

Elliot Rodger wrote that he was motivated to kill because of his anger that women were not available to him for sex. This attitude is pervasive in pornography, in rape cultures, among men who buy women in prostitution, and is paradigmatic of misogynists’ attitudes toward women.

Watch Laci Greens’s video.

Kudoes to Arthur Chu who challenges men’s attitudes of sexual entitlement.


“When our clever ruses and schemes to ‘get girls’ fail, it’s not because the girls are too stupid or too bitchy or too shallow to play by those unwritten rules we’ve absorbed,” Chu wrote. “It’s because other people’s bodies and other people’s love are not something that can be taken nor even something that can be earned –- they can be given freely, by choice, or not.”

“What did Elliot Rodger need? He didn’t need to get laid. None of us nerdy frustrated guys need to get laid. When I was an asshole with rants full of self-pity and entitlement, getting laid would not have helped me. He needed to grow up.”

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