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Prostcost: An estimate of the social and economic cost of prostitution in France

In 2014, the European Commission offered for the Member States of the European Union to increase their «national wealth» by including the turnover from prostitution in the calculation of their GDP. In France, IN-SEE refused to implement the European request and explained, rightly so, that prostitution was not so much a «provision of freely consented services as an exploitation of people in the most precarious of situations. ProstCost, a previously unpublished study carried out by the Mouvement du Nid – France and Psytel, questions this myth of prostitution as a vector of growth and provides an estimate of the twofold economic and social burden which the prostitutional system imposes on its victims and on society as a whole. After 18 months of research, both entities are pleased to present the results in this summary.


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