Demand from: The Left for a World without Prostitution

Immediate help for prostituted women (and others)! In the course of the Corona crisis, prohibition was introduced in Germany unnoticed by many: Anyone who sells sex is now liable to prosecution and is fined up to 5,000 Euros. At the same time, many of those affected have no alternative but to continue, because otherwise there is a threat of hunger and existential need

Survivors of prostitution from 8 countries lead demonstration against legal prostitution in Mainz, Germany

  Germany, Australia, Canada, France, Republic of Ireland, South Africa, Spain, USA See Also:  A Survivor’s Notes on a Brothel Tour in Frankfurt’s Legal Prostitution Zone Report on the Impact of the Explosive Growth of German Legal Prostitution since 2002 Murders/Attempted Murders of Women in German Prostitution since Legalization in 2002 Bettina Flitner photographs of […]

Kadian Noble charges Harvey Weinstein with sex trafficking

An August 2018 U.S. court decision permitted a civil claim of sex trafficking to proceed against Harvey Weinstein. Previously, the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA) has been used against pimps who have used extreme force against girls and women to coerce them into formal systems of prostitution. A number of rape charges have been filed […]

Facebook’s new stance on ‘Revenge Porn’

Facebook now bans “revenge porn” (where an angry ex makes public what she thought were private photos). But FB keeps silent about the use of porn (photos of prostitution).  FB ignores the fact that porn is now used to traffic women into prostitution.  Porn teaches men how to be johns, or act like johns.

Thank you feminist media critic Anita Sarkeesian

Sarkeesian’s video blog shows viewers the connection between violent abuse of women in prostitution and violent abuse of all women.    WARNING: EXTREME VIOLENT CONTENT   Sarkeesian’s analysis of the misogynist culture of gamers has enlightened many but enraged some male gamers who have threatened her life, and flooded the web with hate and lies. Please donate […]

The Somaly Mam Story: What We Still Know About Sex Trafficking

Taina Bien-Aime, CATW, Huffington Post June 2, 2014 For those of us who know and have worked with Somaly Mam throughout the years, the Newsweek cover story about her alleged fabrications shocked and saddened us. If the accusations are true, we don’t know why Somaly, who commanded love and affection, would have stretched the truth so far. Some have […]

Higher rates of prostitution among Native American women expected after U.S. budgets cuts

Cruel U.S. budget cuts (sequester) will result in increased homelessness, devastating lack of educational opportunities and jobs, and increased prostitution of Native American young women. Byron Dorgan’s eloquent appeal for holding “a series of investigative hearings on our unfulfilled treaties with American Indians. Add up the broken promises, make an accounting of the underfunding, all […]

This is what a pimp looks like

“I was a good pimp” says James Lipton. Read more here. Don’t buy into racist stereotypes about pimps. There is a class and race hierarchy among pimps just as there is a class and race hierarchy among prostituted women. Poor men of color are at the bottom of the hierarchy.  Richer white men are at the top. Are […]