#MeToo: what prostitution survivors say about the links between prostitution and sexual harassment and rape

The #MeToo groundswell of women’s voices challenging everyday sexual predation by men like Donald Trump, Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Woody Allen and some of our employers and friends – this is consciousness-raising and courageous activism. But does this big-as-the-sky sized basket of women’s voices include women in prostitution? Is their “me too” welcomed? Is the […]

Nickels: A Tale of Dissociation

Nickels: A Tale of Dissociation follows a biracial girl named Little Miss So And So, from age 4 into adulthood. Told in a series of prose poems by Christine Stark, Nickels’ lyrical and inventive language conveys the dissociative states born of a world formed by persistent and brutal incest and homophobia. The dissociative states enable […]

Woman exchanges sex acts for food June 2009

This story was all over the U.S. press in late June. No one seems to be noting what is obvious. MAYBE SHE WAS HUNGRY. Why was her name and photo released but her john stays invisible? Why was she fined but the john was not fined? Has anyone noticed that she is one of the […]

Eminem, Misogyny, and the Sounds of Silence

Two excerpts: One need not argue that boys and men who listen to Eminem will become rapist-murderers in order to maintain that misogynous music and lyrics play an important role in legitimating men’s mistreatment of women by making it culturally acceptable and even “cool” for men to express sexist rage against women and then hide […]

Japan bans sexual torture software

A Japanese software industry body has decided to ban computer games in which players simulate sexual violence against females, a spokesman said. The industry move came after a Japanese computer game maker attracted furious protests from US rights campaigners against the game “RapeLay,” which lets players simulate stalking and raping young girls. In the game […]

betsy’s brilliant blog

There’s a lot to be said for looking at prostitution and trafficking through the eyes of a 5th grader. Here is comedian Betsy Salkind talking about gentlemen’s clubs. Go to click here Then scroll down to the May7 entry, underneath “Bush calls Queen a Mother” and you’ll see Ethel’s comments about gentlemen’s clubs. Here’s her […]

Duke lacrosse team sexual assaults

Response to Duke lacrosse team sexual assaults We are outraged by the commercial sexual exploitation and brutal gang rape of a young African-American woman student by white European-American members of Duke University’s lacrosse team, who had hired her as an “exotic dancer” on March 13, 2006. We deplore the ignorance or bigotry of those who […]