La Madre Tonantsin. Copyright © Collette Crutcher, 1992. Mural at Instituto Pro Musica de California, 7 X 32 feet, 16th Street at Sanchez, San Francisco.

Political Memories

I’ll never forget the evening after the release of my first issue as editor of Feminist Voices. I remember the clothes I wore, the snowy sidewalk, the buildings surrounding me, the dreary winter sunset, the heavy bag over my shoulder as I trudged up the side street after work. I’d finished my shift at People’s […]

Pimps Will Be Pimps Whether Male or Female or Posing as “Sex Worker Activists” & Other Conflicts of Interest (Part 1 of 2)

Well meaning people think most “sex workers activist” organizations/unions speak for women in prostitution. They are mistaken. A shocking number of these “sex worker” organizations were started by women and men who are admitted pimps and madams, or have been convicted of pimping, pandering, or conspiracy to promote prostitution. These people call themselves ‘sex workers’ […]

SAVE THE DATE: Protest’s Facilitation of Sex Trafficking

The Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW) in partnership with Prostitution Research and Education (PRE) and other co-sponsors will hold our second protest in front of the Village Voice building at the New York City office of Village Voice Media Holdings, LLC (VVM), owner of This protest will bring attention to Backpage’s ongoing facilitation […]


Today I ran through north Minneapolis, the ‘hood. The middle of January, the weather a balmy 45, my heart stocked with joy like a fishery plump with walleye. As I ran I thought what a gift the warm weather had been, what a tremendous lift in my mood it created, how much weather impacts the […]

Racism and Prostitution

I recently went to Las Vegas for a business conference. As I walked through the prestigious casino, I quickly felt lustful eyes on me, a feeling that I once felt 20 years ago as a prostitute. I thought to myself, How can I feel this way? I’m dressed up in a conservative manner. I’m educated […]

More Survivors are Stepping Up to Lead

Survivors Connect Network, an international online network of trafficking/prostitution survivors, now has 44 members from seven different countries. It’s been recognized that the absence of survivor leaders in most major anti-trafficking NGOs has created a void. Survivor knowledge and insight is essential. But it’s become increasingly clear to the NGOs that survivor leadership will make the movement’s success inevitable. Demand Abolition is setting an example by inviting seven survivors to participate in their Arresting Demand colloquium May 3rd and 4th in Boston. We are extraordinarily grateful.

Welcome to The Survivor’s View

Over the years, the work of nonprofit organization Prostitution Research & Education has been deeply informed by the participation of survivors of prostitution and trafficking. Survivors have developed and reviewed questionnaires, interviewed women and men who were part of our research studies over the past 15 years, helped with data entry, interpreted research findings, challenged […]

Why Would Montana Fishburne Become a Porn Star?

From the day I entered the adult business to the present moment, one question arises in every interview regarding pornography. “Why did you get in the business?” While I was participating in the creation of films, my answers were generally something along the lines of, “Well, I love sex so this makes sense!” Or, “I’ve […]

On the Wrong Side of a Craigslist Ad

I think there’s a common assumption — at least it was an assumption I had made — that women in the sex-work industry are there by choice or because they like it. Maybe that’s true for some women, but I can’t imagine enduring the whole thing unless I really had run out of options. Yes, […]

How Prostitution Chose Me

“They say prostitution is a choice? How did I choose prostitution? I didn’t choose prostitution, it chose me. Just as child sexual assault and neglect had chose me. I was not a willing participant, but lured into a life I saw as my only option.”

Johns Are Sexual Predators

“Men do not go to strip clubs and use prostituted women so that they can have sexual pleasure. . . . Men use women in prostitution including strippers to express their anger at women. . . . Several times a year we hear about serial killers who kill large numbers of prostituted women, but they […]

Aboriginal Survivor from AWAN, Vancouver

“We want real jobs, not blowjobs.” “Typically we do not ask our women to tell their stories because we do not wish to exploit their stories and their lives. However, there are women amongst us, and in our communities, who want to tell their stories, and this is one woman who insisted on telling her […]

O Sister, Where Art Thou (for Ashley Dupree)

“Hooker. Whore. Prostitute. Those words have a way of making people uncomfortable, especially women. One would think that reaction would inform, for in it lays the truth of the matter: there are no words more fearful for a woman to bear, because they know “everyone knows” that prostitutes occupy the lowest rung on the socioeconomic […]