Legalize prostitution? Hell no

Melanie Thompson on legalization of prostitution:

“Thousands of us, mostly black and brown girls like me, are bought by men with money, like New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft or Wall Street financier Jeffrey Epstein, but also your neighbor. Black women and girls represent about 7% of the U.S. population, yet by some measures are more than half of those in the sex trade.

I don’t know one sex-trade survivor who would call prostitution safe, empowering or an act of agency or autonomy. Sex buyers don’t care whether the person they purchase is 18 or younger, trafficked or not, “consenting” or not. They just see us as disposable objects to satisfy their sexual needs. I can’t describe on this page what these men have done to me. Why would New York want to legalize indescribable violence?”

Melanie Thompson, Legalize prostitution Hell No (2 pages)

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