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PRE opposes UN’s promotion of legal prostitution

Trafficking Nevada

A woman inside this Nevada legal brothel said,

“No one really enjoys getting sold.
It’s like you sign a contract to be raped.”

Evidence suggests that all prostitution, regardless of its legal status, is harmful to women. Therefore, it makes no sense to support an institution from which the violence and abuse can’t be eliminated. Legalization appears to some to be a bandaid solution but as PRE discovered in a study of Nevada legal prostitution, it is just as damaging to women as illegal prostitution.

Recent studies indicate that sex trafficking increases where prostitution is legal.

We strongly disagree with UN efforts to normalize prostitution as an acceptable job for women without alternatives. We support Equality Now’s efforts to shift the UN’s attitudes and policy on legalizing pimping and buying sex. We urge you to sign EN’s petition.

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