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Johns are Sexual Predators

Let’s clear up a misunderstanding. Men do not go to strip clubs and use prostituted women so that they can have sexual pleasure. All you have to do is turn on the television to know the truth. The often repeated scenario on television goes like this: man is angry with girlfriend or wife, and in response he goes out with the guys to use a woman in prostitution. It makes him feel like he is getting even with a woman he is angry at. Men use women in prostitution including strippers to express their anger at women.

Several times a year we hear about serial killers who kill large numbers of prostituted women, but they are not found until they kill a non-prostituting woman. That’s because the murder of women who are prostituting is still a low priority for law enforcement, just as the prosecution of Johns is a low priority. It is law enforcement’s failure when they fail to recognize women in prostitution as humans or the men who victimize them as predators. If law enforcement understood the real reason men used women in prostitution, they might be more effective.

In Milwaukee, over a two decade period, 20 women who had prostituted were found strangled. It wasn’t until this year that, that police confirmed that a serial killer had been on the loose. The police even had the DNA of the perpetrator, but could not find him until this year. 20 women, human beings, strangled to death, with the perpetrator leaving DNA, and still the police could not find the perpetrator. Let me re-phrase that. 20 women, human beings, strangled to death, with the perpetrator leaving DNA, and the police did not want to find the perpetrator. I know that some police do recognize women in prostitution as human beings, but in this case, it took 20 years for those police officers to appear.

I propose that if Johns were rightfully treated as sexual predators, we would have their DNA, and they would be less likely to get away with numerous sexual crimes without being caught. Law enforcement doesn’t like this idea. Why? Because many in law enforcement use women in prostitution including strippers. They don’t want to have that taken away from them. It is a conspiracy of men. Men continue to protect each other’s “right” to sex from women, even at the cost of women’s lives – women who could be their daughters, sisters, mothers and wives.

Did Missing DNA Thwart Hunt For Serial Killer
posted by Jeanette R, blogger for Prostitution Research & Education

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  1. I would like to add, just from personal experience, men with above average wealth and/or careers we consider “high powered” who solicit “high-class escorts” or “mutually beneficial relationships” generally feel that they are entitled to the power to purchase a woman for sex and they feel it is a normal component to their socio-econ status.

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