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Online Attacks Against Activists Who Oppose Sexism and Sexual Exploitation

This 10-minute video describes Anita Sarkeesian’s experience with cybermobbing – a massive online hate campaign. She was targeted by large numbers of anonymous online attackers who – describing themselves as game players – tried to get her to stop her campaign to deconstruct sexism in the video game industry by threats, by producing pornography of her, by trying to shut down her website and twitter account. Be sure to see how Anita Sarkeesian was not silenced by these cyberattacks.

Similar online threats, online harassment and both online and phoned attempts to cause physical fear were perpetrated against a survivor blogger at PRE’s The Survivor’s View (read more).

Have you experienced cyberattacks because of your views on prostitution? Do you want to be part of a forum on PRE’s Traffick Jamming blog to address how the sexist domination of cyberspace can be turned around? Please write us at and we’ll start the thread.