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New study on pornography production and harms in Sweden

OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND – Insights into the Swedish Pornography Industry

From the Executive Summary:


During the mapping exercise, while two traditional porn producers were identified, we found that most pornography production and distribution takes place on online forums where pornographic images and films are bought and sold. Some of these forums active-ly recruit young women on different social media channels, luring them into the porno-graphy industry with promises of fame and wealth. They also use terms found in popular culture, like “blogging” and “modelling”, which serves to disguise what content they are actually producing.

The in-depth interviews with the women revealed that many share similar background experiences as women exploited in prostitution. They are often young, financially inse-cure, victims of earlier sexualized violence, and subject to poor mental health. Although the women had clear boundaries, their boundaries were constantly being pushed by men in the pornography industry—pornographers and consumers. The more vulnerable the woman is, the less power she has to say no. The study also found a link between pro-stitution, strip and pornography, with several of the women having experiences of strip and/or selling sex. Many respondents attested to the challenge they face in leaving the pornography industry, in part stemming from the fear of someone—bosses, family, neighbours, friends—stumbling upon the pornographic images and films which can never be removed.


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