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Proposition K would decriminalize pimps in San Francisco

A woman with a history of pimping (and a conviction for pimping in Seattle) has proposed that San Francisco decriminalize prostitution.

It will be voted on by San Franciscans this November 4. Measure K, like other such laws, masquerades as a progressive response that would decriminalize women who are victimized in prostitution. We agree that decriminalizing those who are prostituted is a good idea. But this fringe proposal would effectively decriminalize pimps, johns, and traffickers as well. As San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris has said.

Proposition K forces police officers to disregard California’s prostitution laws, strips ALL funding to investigate human trafficking rings and prevents my office from prosecuting prostitution-related crimes.

Proposition K conceals the inhumane nature of prostitution and cripples the efforts of law enforcement, human rights groups and social service agencies to assist those who seek escape from sex-traffickers.

See the DA’s full statement here and join local and national opponents of Measure K, keep up with press coverage and breaking news. We encourage you to support No on K: Committee to End Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation.

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  1. I think prositution should be legal and make sure every woman carry a health card on her.Also, charge the women $100 for a health card and it’s good for 6 months. that way california is still making money and can close the Billion dollar deficit. So, yes LEGALIZE PROSTITUTION and BAN PIMPS.

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