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Letter to sex buyers from a Danish survivor of prostitution

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  1. I just read your letter. I find it very upsetting that you squarely blame men for what happened to you. Yes, there are many men who take advantage of this kind of thing… but, honestly, at some point there was a choice. In your own article you say that it grew from your desire to make money “and fast” and that you would “not get a job.” You also devalue the men in the article as human beings almost as much as they devalued and demeaned you by paying you for sex. At the end of the day you need to ask yourself how much of what happened were you responsible for? Yes, the men who used your services were probably pigs. Most men who pay for sex have other issues, but you, of course, must share some measure of respinsibility as well. Before you go assuming I am a man, I’m not. I too prostituted myself when I was young. I regret every minute of it, but I don’t blame the men who were my clients. I blame myself for putting myself in a position where I needed to do what I did.

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