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“It’s inconceivable to me that Amnesty International or any other organization that respects human rights would endorse slave masters who buy young girls and put them into involuntary servitude to be sex slaves,” said Jimmy Carter.

After reviewing approaches to prostitution, Jimmy Carter concluded that ” the most important policy change will be to increase penalties for pimps and consumers and to decriminalize victims and survivors.”

Carter’s letter to Amnesty International

carter thumb


What’s up with Amnesty International, a once-reputable human rights organization?


While the European Union is moving in the direction of decriminalizing women in prostitution and providing them with exit support services and arresting sex buyers and pimps at the same time Amnesty International seems to be going in the opposite direction. What’s up with this once-reputable human rights organization? Do women’s rights to survive without prostituting matter to AI? Time to do their research – in a 2013 study of prostitution in 150 countries, wherever prostitution was legal, trafficking increased.

Robin Morgan asks:  Does Amnesty International want legal prostitution?

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