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Great interview with the fabulous Brenda Myers-Powell on MSNBC

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  1. There are beds. There are programs. But to find them – one has to call our hotline. We are the oldest and largest program providing assistance to those men and women leaving any part of the sex industry whether they feel they are trafficked or not. Because of this reason, we are aware of were there are beds and many paid programs will donate us a bed if we call. But to connect someone up to this – one has to call us. Brenda has refused to return our calls or utilize our hotline and other services since 2007. Shame – to turn away people falsely saying there “are no resources” when in fact there are if people stop trying to do everything themselves. No one program or person can do this. It takes networking. However, we’re finding some people prefer to claim there are “no services” as their battle cry to fund raise. Which is needed – but in the meantime that person needs help NOW. Our hotline is free and answered by a survivor 24/7. If you need help of any kind – call us and let’s see what we can do.

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