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Investigating motives, practices and perceptions of sex buyers in Lebanon

The fact is that the male demand for sexual acts constitutes the root­cause [7] or the raison d’ être of prostitution and the trafficking in persons for the purpose of sexual exploitation, [8] two phenomena that are closely linked. [9] Both prostitution and sex trafficking would not exist and would not continue to proliferate and be lucrative without men’s demand for paid sexual acts. [10]Simply put, in any market, if there is no demand, there would be no supply. Without the demand by men, there would no supply of women for prostitution purposes, there would be no pimps or traffickers recruiting and managing women and girls to meet the varied needs of the prostitution buyers, and there would be no businesses and individuals operating nationally or trans-nationally to recruit or traffic women, eventually rendering the individuals and industry that profit from the sexual exploitation of women and girls obsolete.


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