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Elliot Spitzer’s College Course: How to Use the Boys’ Club to Avoid Criminal Prosecution and Subjugate Women

The president of City College, Gregory H. Williams has asked Elliot Spitzer to teach a course in Law and Public Policy. Meanwhile, Ashley Dupre, a victim of Elliot Spitzer, blogs about how she finds earning a living difficult because she has been unable erase the stain of scandal from her own name. In response, critics of Ms. Dupre post messages like, “You are nothing but a prostitute”.
Elliot Spitzer, you are nothing but a misogynist and shame on City College. The reality is that Ms. Dupre does not have opportunities because she is a woman, not just because she was prostituted. She does not benefit from secret alliances with District Attorneys or College Presidents. If she wants any favors from them, it will have to be in exchange for sex.

posted by Elisabeth Rainsberger, blogger for Prostitution Research & Education

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  1. Right on, to everything you said. I would like to further point out that Spitzer was invited by to be a regular columnist very soon after the Client 9 story was publicized. But (presumably) there have been no similar opportunities offered to Ms. Dupre. I’m usually a huge fan of’s content, but I was taken aback by their willingness to put aside his deplorable conduct in asking him to join their editorial staff.

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