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Decriminalization of Prostitution: The Soros Effect


This article explores the activities of George Soros and his charitable organization, Open Society Foundations(OSF), in advocating for the full decriminalization of the sex trade industry. Research finds that OSF spendsonly a small amount of money on grass roots “sex worker” groups around the world advocating for fulldecriminalization, but the foundation awards larger amounts of funds to large human rights groups whosereports and policies have a wider reach. OSF’s rationale for full decriminalization fails to consider violence andcoercion in the sex trade industry, misreads research, and does not include research from venues where fulldecriminalization of prostitution has occurred. Thus OSF and its grantees have created a partial view onprostitution that they advocate to the public. Those concerned with trafficking for sexual exploitation,violence, coercion, and abuse in prostitution should be cognizant of these strategies used by decriminalizationadvocates funded by OSF and be prepared to point out the unsupported assumptions and meet OSF’sallegations with proven facts.


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