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Commentary on U.S. Sex Buyer Elliot Spitzer March 2008


  1. The one angle on this story I haven’t seen is the fact that Spitzer is another typical john on the “right” side of the law, the law which harrasses and punishes women in prostitution, making it harder for them to escape.
    People mention that he was helping shift the law to go against johns, but his whole career he has been on the wrong side.
    What do you call a man who uses you like a piece of furniture, and is part of the machine that puts you in jail for being used? An abuser.
    PS I usually don’t read counterpunch, because one of their recommended sites they link to is the hideously antiwoman They call him “the Matt Drudge” of porn.

  2. Counterpoint might be a bit outdated. was sold by Luke Ford in the late 1990s to a pro porn journalist. Luke Ford quit convering porn until he choosed open the site and started to cover porn again. He sold Lukeisback to a unknown person and the side is dead now. I hope a antropologist buys the site. There is lots of info on the sex industry there. I do not think the sites, when ran by Luke Ford himself are antiwoman. He is a orthodox jewish moralist and as a critical view of the porn industry. Many of rutinary abuses and outrages that has gone unnoticed were uncovered by him. Even pronographers said that he played the role of a sheriff. No one is doing that. When one sees that many pornographers are cosy with politicians one wonders about who is really antiwoman. For example see the list of Democratic party donors. You will see a man like Mark W Handel, better known as pornographer Khan Tusion, one of the most antiwoman pornographers around donating money to LA, CALI and Federal politicians. Some of those are women and “feminists”.

  3. Thank you rics for the information on Luke Ford, I didn’t know. But my complaint about Counterpunch still stands. I have been alerting Counterpunch for years now about their promoting a viciously antiwoman website and they’ve done nothing. I never said Luke Ford was antiwoman(I really don’t know) but definitely is. Ten years is more than a bit outdated esp in the internet.

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