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Beyonce is not a role model for young women

Today, the cultural sexualization of girls increasingly overlaps with and merges into prostitution. The most visible example of sexual objectification today is Beyonce Knowles.  “Variations of Beyonce’s (most recent) body suit can be found in brothels, strip clubs, and red light districts across the world – where sex is for sale and it happens to be dispensed through a woman’s body. That she is a human being with feelings and dreams, perhaps a sister, a mother, a leader, a teacher, a student – ALWAYS – a daughter – all of this can be forgotten,” says Rakhi Kumar here.

It is sad when the US president’s wife holds up Beyonce as a role model for girls, and we commend Rakhi Kumar for her criticism of Ms. Obama’s choice. Making the connection between sexualization of girls in the media and prostitution happens too rarely – and we also appreciated that.


  1. As Beyonce gets older, I predict she will throw her hips and other joints out of alignment because of her constant, hyper-sexualized gyrating movements and while wearing five inch heels (another brand of foot binding). I have never heard her sing, because I can’t get past her always acting like a battery operated Barbie Doll.

  2. Yeah I understand what you comments meant and yes as women we know that Beyonce is very nasty example of a woman a woman that most mom s are not. WE understand these women need for more people to approval of their sinful life styles and enjoy everyone being put into the mind frame that their doing nothing wrong. My daughther never get taught how to live hoeish and will never be like Beyonce only sad Beyonce thinks she a queen taking off her clothes for money on Tv half naked married to a man and never stop to think that in her marriage she is doing something wrong this is a woman with a mind problem not the smartist woman that can be a role model for your kids to watch I agree a sad understanding about women and how they see their self making money being hoes on Tv sad mind problem Beyonce will die with with no real respect or self respect she forgot how to be a woman respect her self and her husband only a woman knows if she don’t want a man to believe they don’t like being a hoe then the question why enter dress nasty Beyonce rolling around in bed with other men kissing on them nothing any child should want to learn or a parent should think be like this woman who can corrupt their kids minds never enter into the world of prostitution or they will want to be just like Beyonce a hoe who don’t know how to take care of her husband and and present herself like a respectable woman

  3. So true. Im tired of seeing sneak peaks of her private area. I dont like the fact that little girls view her as a role model. Everything she do is about how sexy you should be. She has a daughter now right….you would think she would take it down a notch. I dont buy her music or brand because i just cant give my money to someone who disrespects society. Its all about money to some but for the rest of us its about morality. You trying to hard and doing toooo much.

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