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Betsy’s Brilliant Blog

There’s a lot to be said for looking at prostitution and trafficking through the eyes of a 5th grader. Here is comedian Betsy Salkind talking about gentlemen’s clubs.

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Then scroll down to the May7 entry, underneath “Bush calls Queen a Mother” and you’ll see Ethel’s comments about gentlemen’s clubs. Here’s her startup:

“There are a lot of billboards on the way to my school that advertise Gentlemen’s clubs. They all have pictures of women who are dressed up like prostitutes and look like they are on roofies. I don’t think these men are gentlemen, but I guess gentleman really means a man who likes to pay for women to service him….”


  1. They call them “gentlemen’s clubs” for two reasons:
    1. Lonely, desperate, misogynistic loser Club doesn’t fit on the sign
    2. You’re not going to bring in much busines callyin lonely, what they are.

  2. First of all, regardless of your stand or opinions of strip clubs, prostitution, or pornography, you should not make fun of someone for being lonely. It’s called compassion; you might want to try and find some.
    Second, you do realize that the blog you linked to, Ethel’s Law by Betsy Salkind, is written by a 19 year old pretending to be a fifth grader, don’t you? It doesn’t do much for the respectability of her opinions or her writing if she feels she has to pretend to be a 10 year old girl to get attention.

  3. Dear David,
    What are you an idiot? I’m not 19, but Myspace doesn’t let 5th graders have their own spots because of creeps, so I have no choice but to lie about my age if I want to have a site that the public can look at. But I have discovered that as a teenager I get a LOT of spam and wierdos who want to be my “Friend” even though they have clearly not read a single word of mine. They just see female age 18 or 19 and they figure I must want them or something.
    If I’m just trying to get attention then why are you giving it to someone you think is a faker?
    I don’t have a problem with lonely people, just ones who use that as an excuse to be rotten to other people (like girls).
    Compassionately yours,

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