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A new feminist antipornography website

Maggie Hays in Glasgow has put up a new website. Check it out!

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It’s great to have this new site up, especially considering that Myspace just kicked 29,000 registered sex offenders off their site.

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Don’t you wonder how many UNregistered sex predators are still hanging out at Myspace?


  1. While I do not condone prostitution in any form, I also don’t applaud one-sided viewpoints. Many WOMEN in the US and many other developed countries make the personal choice to become prostitutes. Yes, it’s unfortunate for those who are forced, but in developed countries this in fact happens very little despite the rhetoric of feminist groups.
    Women must take responsibility for their own personal choices. Do more to change the thinking of the Women who decide to do it, rather than only attacking the those who profit at the end. You see, if you get Women to stay away, you’ll start to see real change.

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