Internet Misinformation and Disinformation (October 2021)

“Could it be that pornography doesn’t merely depict the subordination of women, but actually makes it real, I asked? Yes, they said. Does porn silence women, making it harder for them to protest against unwanted sex, and harder for men to hear those protests? Yes, they said. Does porn bear responsibility for the objectification of women, for the marginalization of women, for sexual violence against women? Yes, they said, yes to all of it.

It wasn’t just the women students talking; the men were saying yes as well, in some cases even more emphatically … My male students complained about the routines they were expected to perform in sex; one of them asked whether it was too utopian to imagine sex was loving and mutual and not about domination and submission.”


From Amia Srinivasan (2021) “Talking to my students about porn” in The Right to Sex: Feminism in the Twenty-First Century
Srinivasan is quoted by Helen Lewis (2021) The Problem with Being Cool About Sex, The Atlantic, October 2021