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Polaris Project

Phone: 202-745-1001
Fax: 202-745-1119

Polaris Project is a multicultural grassroots organization combating human trafficking and modern-day slavery. Based in the United States and Japan, their passionate staff combine street-level experience and technical expertise, working everyday from morning to past midnight to provide victim services, conduct advocacy, and build the anti-trafficking movement.

Sex Workers Anonymous

Phone: 702-645-6324 ask for JW

Mission: Sex Workers Anonymous helps sex workers get out of the business and/or find recovery and support afterward.

Services: Sex Workers Anonymous offers meetings, phone support, mail support for those in institutions, and written material including our recovery book like AA’s Big Book only for the 12 Steps of Sex Workers. Training and educational videotapes available.

MASIE (Minorities & Survivors Improving Empowerment)

Phone: 1-866-895-1700

Promotes education and awareness regarding sex-trafficking and prostitution.
Provides public education and support for non-governmental agencies.
Provides ongoing legal advocacy for immigrant victims of crime/trafficking and referral services to non-immigrant victims.

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