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San Francisco CA
Phone: 415.251.0973

Los Angeles
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New York
Phone: 212.592.3507

GABRIELA Network is a US based multi-racial, multi-ethnic women’s solidarity organization. They work with GABRIELA Philippines, an alliance of 110 women’s organizations, institutions and centers. They work on issues which impact the women and children of the Philippines, but which have their roots in the decisions made in the United States.

GABRIELA Network’s organizational objectives are as follows:
1. To create and strengthen understanding between the women of the Philippines and the women of the United States;
2. To inform and educate people of the United States on the impact of global and US policy decisions on women of the Philippines;
3. To consolidate, support and organize women for the solidarity with GABRIELA Philippines;
4. To serve as a matrix within which women of all colors and races can work together on specific issues common or related to both the United States and the Philippines.

GEMS – Girls’ Educational & Mentoring Services

New York
Phone: 212-926-8089

Mission: Preventive and transitional services to young women aged 13-21 years who are at risk for or involved in sexual exploitation and violence.

Services: Peer counseling, crisis counseling, groups, housing referrals, vocational assistance, health-care referrals, youth leadership, trainings and consultation. Outreach to group homes, correctional facilities, and youth programs.

Paul and Lisa

New York, New York
Phone: 860-767-7660, 800-518-2238

Transitional living services.

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