MiraMed Institute

+7-095-915-4374 (phone/fax)

MiraMed Institute provides training, capacity building and sustainability oversight to Angel Coalition NGOs involved in counter-trafficking activities in Russia. In addition MiraMed Institute works with the City of Moscow to provide shelter, rehabilitation and repatriation services in Moscow to child victims of trafficking from rural regions and former Soviet Republics. MiraMed has developed and sponsored an anti-trafficking puppet performance which has been shown throughout Russian schools and on television in the Volga Federal District.

Angel Coalition

Phone: +7-095-783-5865

The Angel Coalition is the Russian Federation’s first legally registered international association of anti-trafficking women’s organizations. It has offices in St. Petersburg and Moscow and its members include 60 non-governmental organizations from 25 regions of Russia, 7 former Soviet Republics. The Angel Coalition Trafficking Victim Assistance Center in Moscow provides repatriation services to Russian and other CIS nationalities who are victims of trafficking, operates international toll-free Russian help-lines to Moscow throughout the former Soviet Union, Europe and the US and operates a network of 11 trafficking victims assistance shelters covering most of Russia and Tajikistan. The Angel Coalition participates on the Legislative Working Group of the Moscow State Duma on matters regarding counter-trafficking laws in the Russian Federation, provides training to Russian law enforcement, health personnel and educators on trafficking prevention, and assistance to trafficking victims.

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