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Punish Clients, Not Prostitutes

Criminalizing the client changes the entire legal and social approach to the phenomenon; the social and legal disgrace moves from the prostitute to the client, and it is he who is now subject to sanctions, condemnation and public criticism. It stresses the harm done to women who engage in prostitution, to all women, and to society as a whole, and it makes the debate over illusions of “choice” and “consent” superfluous by acknowledging that those caught up in the cycle of prostitution don’t have real choice. The discussion is focused on the damage prostitution causes and how to prevent it.

Survivors say the Nordic model is our only hope

By Meghan Murphy, published March 15, 2016   http://www.feministcurrent.com/2016/03/15/survivors-say-the-nordic-model-is-our-only-hope/   People were turned away from a packed, standing-room only panel, addressing the impacts of various prostitution legislation around the world, on Monday afternoon. Organized by SPACE International, the parallel event, which took place in New York City in connection with the 60th session of the […]