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Over the years, the work of nonprofit organization Prostitution Research & Education has been deeply informed by the participation of survivors of prostitution and trafficking. Survivors have developed and reviewed questionnaires, interviewed women and men who were part of our research studies over the past 15 years, helped with data entry, interpreted research findings, challenged our thinking and assumptions about trafficking, worked on our website, coauthored articles, and have been on the PRE Board of Directors. Put simply, our work would not be possible without the guidance and critical input of many survivors over the past decade and a half.

At this point in the abolitionist movement, the leadership and participation of survivors is more important than ever. We welcome survivor bloggers to The Survivor’s View, where survivors of trafficking and prostitution will discuss and analyze current events and political struggles. I appreciate the major contribution that this blog will make to the mission of Prostitution Research & Education. Thank you. Welcome to our blogger Stella Marr who will contribute regularly to this blog. And welcome to all of the other bloggers who will contribute.

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Melissa Farley, Ph.D., Executive Director
Prostitution Research & Education

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